10 June 2022 – Online as of today: Architecture according to Weeber. Commissioned by the London Architecture Foundation, together with our Rotterdam colleague Job Floris of Monadnock, we produced a video with the renowned Dutch architect Carel Weeber.

Carel Weeber is a Dutch architect, professor and author. As of the 1970-ies, he realized numerous housing projects. His colourful work charged by grand gestures result from a pragmatic and rational attitude. Despite his successful practice, his architecture was sometimes harshly judged. Allegedly, it was unnecessarily brutal and tough.

The collaboration with Job Floris goes back to 2010. At that time, Job participated in the design research project Het Laboratorium Voorbij (Beyond the Laboratory) that I organised for AIR Foundation. Since then, in addition to various educational projects, we have worked together on the book Post Piraeus, a design for Holland Park West in Diemen and, most recently, on a vision paper for an apartment block in Maastricht.

We talked with Carel Weeber about his design approach and current design practice. It was an animated conversation. We laughed a lot, which is not that common in my profession. The video can be viewed here.