4 December 2018 – Today, Divisare published a chique box set with six booklets on my work. Five of those present photographs taken by my friend Stefan Müller. The sixth volume Contains a revision of the article ‘The Heroism of >>>

Affordable Houses

19 November 2018 – Rotterdam will get 26 new affordable houses. Rotterdam City Council has issued the permits for the construction of the so-called BeBos (beneden- bovenwoningen, stacked maisonettes) at Persoonshaven. In the current market, the provision of affordable houses is >>>

Triple Dutch

30 October 2018 – The November edition of Architectural Review is about tendencies in Dutch architecture. In his article Triple Dutch, the Dutch critic Hans Ibelings elaborates on the developments in the home country of renowned international Starchitects. Ibelings mentions >>>


12 September 2018 – Densification, the architecture centre of Amsterdam, Arcam, organises a debate in which new and realised dwelling concept are discussed within this theme. Arcam called for all innovative architects, clients and developers to submit new housing types, >>>


30 August 2018 – ‘Street Architecture, Work by Hans van der Heijden’ was launched by Ellis Woodman at the AA Bookshop in London. The book has been reviewed positively. Marko Sauer wrote for example: The subtitle suggests that this book is >>>

Marine Site

28 August 2018 – Michelle Kox has not been working for one week in my studio and she already achieved a major success. The Rotterdam Architecture Academy (Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst, RAvB) has nominated her graduation project for the Amsterdam >>>


31 July 2018 – The Swiss magazine Modulør is dedicated to ‘New Dutch’ architecture. The subtitle of the issue which appeared today is: Mind the Context. Modulør presents architects who stayed sober during the excitement about conceptual ‘Superdutch’ architecture. They >>>

Frampton Park

26 July 2018 – Back in the UK. New commission in London Hackney, looking at Hidden Homes, amongst other things. Together with East I am working on a new housing design in London Hackney. Part of the task at Frampton Park >>>


16 July 2018 – This spring I had the privilege to tutor two groups of architecture students from Vaduz (Liechtenstein) and Rotterdam (The Netherlands). In the design course we focussed on the urban building type of the Florentine palazzo as >>>


1 July 2018 – One doesn’t build alone. I like to put forward my work into the public domain and I appreciate hearing what people think of it. The dwellings at Churchillpark were open to the public and friends of >>>

Progetti Urbani

30 May 2018 – The design for the Houses with Many Doors for Old Kent Road in London is on show at the exhibition La Città: Progetti Urbani in Padova. The exhibition was organized by Di Architettura and display proposals >>>

Tailpiece Lakerlopen

29 May 2018 – The block which in the 2004 urban renewal scheme for Lakerlopen, Eindhoven was rather prosaically referred to as Block 3 will now be built. Last Monday night, the project developer Stam + De Koning presented the >>>


21 May 2018 – There are two kinds of housing typology. The first studies extreme possibilities. I always call it the Sherwood School, after Roger Sherwood who wrote the famous reference book Modern Housing Prototypes. This approach is firmly about experiments >>>

Civic Architecture

23 April 2018 – The architectural historian Werner Oechslin invited me to contribute to the colloquium Civilian Architecture. We met in Werner’s library in Einsiedeln, Switzerland. Surrounded by an impressive amount of antique books, an international company of architects and >>>

Housing in London

9 April 2018 – Hans van der Heijden Architect has been appointed by Travel for London (TfL) and the Greater London Authority (GLA) to the Architecture Design Urbanism Panel (ADUP), which is comprised of twelve practices as part of a >>>

Wall Street Journal

28 February 2018 – It doesn’t happen every day that Dutch social housing, a refurbishment project even, makes it to the Wall Street Journal. The critic Julie Iovine writes about the Splayed Apartment blocks renovation in Rotterdam Ommoord: On the >>>

Brunelleschi’s Role

26 February 2018 – Last weekend I was in New York for the opening of the exhibition ‘Social Housing, New European Projects’ in the Center for Architecture. My contributions were a large model of the refurbishment of the Knikkers in >>>

Street Architecture

6 February 2018 – Street Architecture is published. After three and a half years of hard work in my own office, a new portfolio appears and with it, a new monograph. Karin Templin, a London and Florence based expert in >>>

Upon South

5 February 2018 – We work on a new social housing project at Persoonshaven in Feijenoord, as Rotterdammers say: Upon South. On the occasion of the preliminary design, we made an imaginary vedute from the window of the new houses. >>>

European Projects

24 January 2018 – Across Europe, a new generation of architecture practices are transforming affordable housing. Responding to continued need, changing clients, and new funding methods, architects are once again addressing how homes can be delivered at scale while piloting >>>

Carpenter’s Eye

17 January 2018 – The editors of Architectenweb invited me to write a monthly column for their website. This will appear under the title The Carpenter’s Eye. I like that term. In the Dutch language it stands for the ability >>>

Bay windows

15 January 2018 – The scaffoldings on the construction site of Churchillpark in Leiden are being taken down. Now it shows how beautiful the repeating windows are and how the mixed brown bricks relate to the cream coloured window timberwork, >>>


1 December 2017 – A book has been published on the manifestation City Heart Dwelling (Wonen in Stadshart, WISH). The city of Groningen commissioned me to study the Glaudé Mansions at Hereweg. The result is now included in the book. >>>


21 November 2017 – In the context of a lecture series on the urban dwelling block I was invited to present the houses at Oranjeboomstraat at the Architecture Faculty at TU Delft. It was busy. The 2nd year Bachelor students >>>

Tea Towel

19 November 2017 – In the spring of 2018 I will be a guest teacher at the Architecture School of Rotterdam and Universität Liechtenstein in Vaduz. I will run parallel design courses in which students research the Palazzo as the >>>

Kollhoff’s Polder

6 July 2017 – Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to present Post Piraeus, the publication we made with 10 architects about Hans Kollhoff’s renowned housing block, to the architect. Kollhoff would not be Kollhoff if he did not use >>>

Building Matter

27 June 2017 – On the Archined website Elmar Koers discusses the Kloosterbuuren project. ‘The spatial quality of the new ensemble is high. In masterly fashion, Van der Heijden makes alleys, streets and a square with the most simple means: >>>


14 June 2017 – On the 2nd and 3rd of June I was a guest at the CANactions architecture festival in Kiev. The theme of this yearly event was: values. My contribution was a lecture on the topic of luxury. >>>

Post Piraeus

26 May 2017 – On 5 July the book ‘Post Piraeus’ will be launched at a festive gathering in Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam. In 1994, the housing block Piraeus was completed to the design of Hans Kollhoff and Christian Rapp. >>>


23 May 2017 – Imagination, the word does not always have a nice resonance. Yet, the Dutch state architect Floris Alkemade used the word quite often in his opening speech at the exhibition Wonen in Stadshart in Groningen. At the >>>