16 January 2020 – As an ex-Rotterdammer I follow the reconstruction plans of the Boijmans museum. This week, the Rotterdam architecture center AIR published a video of my lecture about the building in Arminius church. My monthly Timmermansoog for Architectenweb >>>


16 December 2019 – The scaffoldings at the building site at Persoonshaven in Feijenoord have been removed. A funky project with stacked maisonettes appears. The project is based on previous Houses with Two Doors at Oranjeboomstraat. The facades are clad >>>


8 October 2019 – ‘Welcome back,’ the deputy head of Liverpool School of Architecture (LSA) e-mailed me. After 20 years I will be teaching at the Liverpool University again, now as Honorary Visiting Professor in Contemporary Architectural Practice. LSA is >>>


2 October 2019 – Today I received the news that my column Analogen, is nominated for the Geert Bekaert Award. Analogen is an edited version of one of the monthly columns I have written for Architectenweb. The award for architectural >>>


1 October 2019 – The book Street Architecture which our office has published last year has been selected as one of the best designed Dutch book designs of 2018. Last Friday, the exhibition of the 33 awarded book at the >>>

Alternative Histories

8 August 2019 – Following the exhibition of Alternative Histories in London last spring, the exhibition travels to Belgium this September. Acknowledging that architecture is a corpus of inherited ideas, Alternative Histories began with a question: could contemporary architects, with their own >>>


15 July 2019 – We received the second prize in the design competition for C-mine in Genk, Belgium. The buildings of this former coalmine have recently been transformed for a diversity of art institutions. New dwellings have been built on >>>


15 July 2019 – We are commissioned by ERA Contour and Heijmans Projectontwikkeling to work at a new residential area in Rotterdam. The urbanist Adriaan Geuze of West 8 was guided by the picturesque Kralingen district close by the site. Therefor >>>


19 June 2019 – The start on site of the Three Horseshoes (De Drie Hoefijzers in Breda) development has passed. AM commissioned Bert Dirrix to make an urban plan with an alternation of houses and short terraces which have been >>>


3 May 2019 – The sustainability of much affordable housing needs to be improved as a matter of urgency. That is a complex task. How do we choose an approach that is both qualitive and affordable? How do respond to >>>


5 June 2019 – The architect and professor Uwe Schröder, much admired by me, invited me for a lecture in Aachen. The series Werkberichte explores built architecture and its design process. I think I will discuss urban ornaments. Reiff-Museum, Aachen, >>>


4 June 2019 – Yesterday we have assessed the mock-ups of the Persoonshaven facades. The contractor had provided variants with different mortars and joints. Together with Riki Aarden of Woonstad and Bauke Vink and Leon van Dijk of Bouwbedrijf Vink >>>


29 April 2019 – One weekend ago, the daily newspaper De Volkskrant published an interview about the position of architecture in The Netherlands. The conversation with journalist Sander van Walsum was acute. We focussed on the way architects approach the >>>


7 maart 2019 – Weigeliaplein is a particular urban space in the The Hague Heesterbuurt district. Based on an urban design made by H.P. Berlage, two closed perimeter blocks with a street in between were joined together and redesigned as >>>


29 January 2019 – It is an old desire to draw my housing projects as a consistent catalogue. I have opted for simple diagrams with plans, sections and facades. I find those important for housing: in one glance the functionality, >>>


27 December 2018 – At the end of each year the media publish their retrospections. The magazine De Architect reports that housing has dominated the news of 2018 and illustrates that observation with the our successful bid for framework for >>>


18 December 2018 – Architecture on Stage is a series of architects’ talks programmed by the Architecture Foundation in partnership with the Barbican Centre in London. AF’s director Ellis Woodman invited me to speak about recent projects and their engagement >>>


4 December 2018 – Today, Divisare published a chique box set with six booklets on my work. Five of those present photographs taken by my friend Stefan Müller. The sixth volume Contains a revision of the article ‘The Heroism of >>>

Affordable Houses

19 November 2018 – Rotterdam will get 26 new affordable houses. Rotterdam City Council has issued the permits for the construction of the so-called BeBos (beneden- bovenwoningen, stacked maisonettes) at Persoonshaven. In the current market, the provision of affordable houses is >>>

Triple Dutch

30 October 2018 – The November edition of Architectural Review is about tendencies in Dutch architecture. In his article Triple Dutch, the Dutch critic Hans Ibelings elaborates on the developments in the home country of renowned international Starchitects. Ibelings mentions >>>


12 September 2018 – Densification, the architecture centre of Amsterdam, Arcam, organises a debate in which new and realised dwelling concept are discussed within this theme. Arcam called for all innovative architects, clients and developers to submit new housing types, >>>


30 August 2018 – ‘Street Architecture, Work by Hans van der Heijden’ was launched by Ellis Woodman at the AA Bookshop in London. The book has been reviewed positively. Marko Sauer wrote for example: The subtitle suggests that this book is >>>

Marine Site

28 August 2018 – Michelle Kox has not been working for one week in my studio and she already achieved a major success. The Rotterdam Architecture Academy (Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst, RAvB) has nominated her graduation project for the Amsterdam >>>


31 July 2018 – The Swiss magazine Modulør is dedicated to ‘New Dutch’ architecture. The subtitle of the issue which appeared today is: Mind the Context. Modulør presents architects who stayed sober during the excitement about conceptual ‘Superdutch’ architecture. They >>>


16 July 2018 – This spring I had the privilege to tutor two groups of architecture students from Vaduz (Liechtenstein) and Rotterdam (The Netherlands). In the design course we focussed on the urban building type of the Florentine palazzo as >>>


1 July 2018 – One doesn’t build alone. I like to put forward my work into the public domain and I appreciate hearing what people think of it. The dwellings at Churchillpark were open to the public and friends of >>>

Progetti Urbani

30 May 2018 – The design for the Houses with Many Doors for Old Kent Road in London is on show at the exhibition La Città: Progetti Urbani in Padova. The exhibition was organized by Di Architettura and display proposals >>>

Tailpiece Lakerlopen

29 May 2018 – The block which in the 2004 urban renewal scheme for Lakerlopen, Eindhoven was rather prosaically referred to as Block 3 will now be built. Last Monday night, the project developer Stam + De Koning presented the >>>


21 May 2018 – There are two kinds of housing typology. The first studies extreme possibilities. I always call it the Sherwood School, after Roger Sherwood who wrote the famous reference book Modern Housing Prototypes. This approach is firmly about experiments >>>

Civic Architecture

23 April 2018 – The architectural historian Werner Oechslin invited me to contribute to the colloquium Civilian Architecture. We met in Werner’s library in Einsiedeln, Switzerland. Surrounded by an impressive amount of antique books, an international company of architects and >>>