1 December 2017 – A book has been published on the manifestation City Heart Dwelling (Wonen in Stadshart, WISH). The city of Groningen commissioned me to study the Glaudé Mansions at Hereweg. The result is now included in the book. The organisers of the manifestation Jeroen de Willigen en Edwin Oostmeijer write:

‘Finally, the  Glaudé Mansions get the attention they are entitled to! Hans van der Heijden Architect presents a solution which demonstrate how the characteristic mansion can be part of the historic city entrance and the station area which is at the eve of a major intervention.

Central in the study is the urban stitching of the Glaudé Mansions to their surroundings. Call it retrofit urbanisme. Om this way, Hans van der Heijden establishes a beautiful link with the viaduct. He literally bridges the levels. The houses get their address at the viaduct. Subsequently, at the ground floor, at the tiny alley between the viaduct and the façade, opportunities for alternative use, such as work-homes, may be evoked.

At the rear a scale jump is proposed. This not only generates the space for special dwellings, Hans van der Heijden also connects the housing to the larger scale of the station area. Furthermore, he scale jump may be of use in the future development of the station area. Another striking intervention is the re-introduction of the antique tea cupola as a freestanding object. The study proposes to repair the historic imagery and to reintroduce greenery in the city.’

Sandra Grabs, Peter Michiel Schaap, WISH, GRAS Uitgevers, 2017 ISBN 978-90-71903-59-5