Reflections on sustainable urban design
Publication Sustainable Architecture Gets Stuck in Rhetoric: NRC, 2022
2014 –

‘A strong plea not to proceed lightly to demolition. Putting up a new sustainable building is not necessarily the most sustainable choice. And from a heritage perspective, preservation and renovation are often the options that add the most value to the city.’ Maartje Taverne on Linkedin

Sustainable architecture is hot in the building industry. What is sustainability anyway? And what can architects contribute? What knowledge and skills are needed from architects if sustainability is to be understood more broadly than a purely technical task? Can sustainability be viewed in a practical and down-to-earth way? HvdH examined these questions already in the 1990s. In 2013 het had a visiting professorship in sustainable urban design in Cambridge. His essay Sustainable Architecture Gets Stuck in Rhetoric from 2022 is an another example which appeared as an article in NRC.

Download pdf Duurzame architectuur blijft hangen in retoriek (Dutch only)