8 appartements, 73 town houses & parking, The Hague
Rental housing
Commission: ERA Contour, Zoetermeer

HvdH designed a mixed used scheme for the developer/ contractor ERA Contour. Efficient town houses were used throughout the scheme. Differences in block size are solved in corner types with special spatial arrangements and patios. A slender point block marks the end of Kaapstraat, an important local through-road. Materials, colours, proportions and such details as the angled street corners and gardens walls have been taken from the local architecture as found in the Transvaal district.

The project supplies cheap rental dwellings which are in high demand. Because of a rational take on the structure construction costs were kept low. Nevertheless practical dwellings have been developed into stylish architecture.

The project has been nominated for the German Fritz Höger Award 2014. The project has been published in various magazines, including De Architect and the German publication Vorteile.

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