Holland Park

Masterplan 700 dwellings, primary school, parking, public space, Diemen
Public & private housing
Client: Heijmans, Amersfoort
Co-architects: Korth Tielens, Marcel Lok, M3H, Monadnock, Office Winhov & Paul de Ruiter

The urban plan for Holland Park forms an independent neighbourhood in Diemen. The plan consists of separate, narrow residential buildings designed by seven different architects and a school. In the middle is a neighbourhood park and a watercourse. The houses are located at seven courtyards that are accessible from the street and provide access to the park. The school also faces both the park and the street.

The design uses the British college model, in which different buildings are strung together around courtyards and green spaces. Jesus College in Cambridge, for example, grew up around a compact courtyard that was remodelled and expanded over the centuries with buildings on lawns that connect to a watercourse in the distance. This proposition gratefully uses studies to the Cambridge College and the Italian domestic palazzo made by HvdH’s students.

The plan was commissioned by Heijmans developed for a tender. HvdHA made the urban plan, supervised the architectural development and designed a residential tower, a town villa and the park houses. An important intermediate step between the urban plan and the architectural elaboration is the design of a rational parking garage and the shell of the residential buildings. The repetitive structure of the garage fits exactly with the above support structure, the circulation cores and the typology of the residential buildings.