Frampton Park

Frampton Park is a post-war neighbourhood in Hackney. HvdHA researched the possibilities of the so-called Hidden Homes for an estate of deck access apartments, for which the renovation of the Splayed Apartments in Rotterdam Ommoord served as an example. All buildings sit on pilotis, resulting in an underused ground floor. The parking garage on site is not used. Important policy is that no greenery may be lost.

Between the pilotis at ground floor new patio dwellings may be added. These dwellings establish a continuous alignment. It was proposed to demolish the garage. This generates space for public greenery which introduces the entrance of the apartments. The patio dwellings and a tiny block with stacked maisonettes define the new space.

The proposal adds to the densification of Hackney, whilst offering more green space than is available now. The surrounding public space gains clarity which enhances safety in the public domain.

With East, London, UK

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