Reflections on J.N.L. Durand and housing typology
Zoom lecture Work with Type: 100 Day Studio, Architecture Foundation
Column Vak: Het Timmermansoog, Architectenweb
2020 – 2021

Based on the reading of Gerard van Zeijl’s dissertation on the French architecture theorist Jean Nicolas Louis Durand (The Treatises of Jean Nicolas Louis Durand) two products were conceived: a column on Architectenweb and a lecture in the framework of the 100 Day Studio of the Architecture Foundation.

The column, entitled Profession, highlights the value of professionality within architecture. It is a professional which can be learned and taught. There is professional knowledge which can be transferred and most of all: that knowledge is broadly shared. That is the core of traditionalism, understood as the old customs of large groups of people, and the social acceptance of architecture.

The lecture has the title Work with Type. It is about the practical use of norms, standard products, types and historic material supported by the projects Langerak, Churchillpark and Persoonshaven. The video recording may be viewed below: