12 September 2018 – Densification, the architecture centre of Amsterdam, Arcam, organises a debate in which new and realised dwelling concept are discussed within this theme. Arcam called for all innovative architects, clients and developers to submit new housing types, new concepts or technical innovations which may respond to current pressure on the housing market. From the submissions Arcam selected eight projects. Their designers will explain their ideas followed by a debate. I will present my winning proposition for the manifestation Ungewöhnlich Weiter Wohnen in Bremen.

The call took place against the observation that Amsterdam had rapidly densified and urbanised further. Dwellings become more expensive and smaller. Simultaneously, Amsterdam wants to be an ‘inclusive city’, and offer a place to live to anyone. What can architects and developers do in response to this question? What initiatives can designers take? Which forms of dwelling are necessary to solve this problem? And how can innovations get follow-up?

Prior to this programme there is a tour through the recently renovated Burgerweeshuis, a design by the architect Aldo van Eyck. Earlier this year, BPD moved into the building.

Debate Living in the Densified City – A Search to Innovations in Dwelling

Wednesday 26 September, 20:00 u.