Court Housing Ypenburg

Apartment building, garage and houses at Landingslaan, The Hague

HvdH designed a court with 114 dwellings at one of the canals of the city extension of Ypenburg, The Hague

At the canal side sits a strong urban apartment building. The building has two aspects. Both at the side of the canal and the side of the court similar arrangements of balconies and living spaces. At the side of the canal the balconies at first story level are continued upon the semi-sunken parking garage.which incurs into a strong plinth.

The court is publicly accessible via porches in the perimeter and a rather monumental gate, symbolizing the domestic nature of the scheme. The entrance of all buildings are at the court. The court itself is surrounded by a ring of terraced houses with a pitched roof. The mass has been articulated by fa├žade columns, down pipes, gables and various dormers.

The third building has a flat roof, sits in the court as an object like shape and subdivides it into two smaller spaces.

Commission: AM, Rotterdam, 2004-2009


Working model