Transformation former Winter Circus to performance hall, Ghent, B
Appr. 3000 m2
Invited limited competition: Ghent City Council, B

The Ghent Wintercircus (B) is hidden in an urban block. It was once a permanent circus venue. A cylindrical space was abundantly supplied with seating around a ring. After the circus left the seating was removed, the building was first used a car showroom and after that decayed slowly.

A renovation of the building, making performances possible within this last condition, was required. Instead, HvdH proposed a return to the theatrical origin of the circus space. A new structure supplied the required seating and absorbtion material. ‘Smart columns’, made in polished concrete contains ventilation ducts, acoustics and lighting. The new Wintercircus could be a flexible space, easily and uniquely changeable to match the character of each gathering. LED panels and curtains would make it possible to tune the mood of the space again and again.