7 March 2019 – The book Street Architecture which our office has published last year has been selected as one of the 33 best designed Dutch book designs. A total of 295 entries were assessed for their distinctive qualities by a panel of experts looking for outstanding work in such areas as content, design, picture editing, typography, choice of materials, printing and binding. This year’s panel of judges consisted of Michaël Snitker (designer), Mijke Wondergem (designer), Eelco van Welie (managing director, NAI010 publishers), Martijn Kicken (consultant at Tielen printers) and Suzanna Héman (assistant curator, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam).

The 33 books selected can be admired in an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam to be held in the autumn, coinciding with the publication of this year’s catalogue.

With many thanks to the printer Rob Stolk, the graphic designers Sonja Haller en Pascal Brun the author Karin Templin and the photographer Stefan Müller for their precision, patience and their talent.