17 town houses & parking, Eindhoven Lakerlopen
Private housing
Client: Stam + De Koning, Eindhoven
2017 – 2021

After the completion of the urban renewal operation of 2010 two sites around Veestraat was left unbuilt. In 2014 the block at Kempensebaan was completed by a corner block and row housing. The corner block contains five units for sheltered housing. The building has its entrance at the corner of Veestraat. On either side of a run-up staircase of the ground and first floor are compact flats. The upper floor under the roof is taken for one single flat.

The final phase of Lakerlopen consists of affordable terraced housing at Veestraat following the previous urban masterplan. Spatially, the project focusses on the slender tower block that was previously built as hinge between Veestraat and Jacob Marisplein. The dwellings have orange facades and pitched roofs. A cubic volume marks the end of the Kempensebaan avenue.