17 October 2022 – With every project, we investigate the desires of our client and their clients. For housing corporation Habion, we are working on 78 sheltered homes within our project in Terwijde. Medical care is not always necessary, but the homes must be suitable for it. Together with Habion, we immediately started thinking about the durability and comfort of the homes. After all, if a home is good for people with care needs, it is also good for others without care needs.

We went to see a recent Habion project. Habion’s contractor and project manager took us around Ubuntu in Zutphen. For us it was good to see the paper book with turning circles for wheelchairs and guidelines for walker use realized. What could we learn from Ubuntu? One thing is certain; pay attention to details early on. That determines whether you can really get anywhere with your wheelchair and whether or not you fall over something.

Habion transaction manager José Hoogveld puts it simple: ‘No care-homes, but homes where you can be cared for.’