Lifts & improvement access decks 5 housing blocks, Rotterdam
Public sector
Client: De Combinatie, Rotterdam
1996 – 1999

An estate of five post-war housing slabs in Rotterdam Schiebroek were to be demolished within 20 or 30 years. In the meantime it served as cheap accommodation on the housing market. The social housing trust wanted to limit any investments and maintenance expenses. Within this condition, however, there was a commercial necessity to bring the estate on a minimum quality level. A limited number of functional interventions was needed: the addition of an elevators, soon called Schielifts, the closing of the lowest galleries and the addition of a canopy to protect the highest gallery from the rain. These additions were left visible as such. To reduce construction time, buildings components have been prefabricated where possible.

Photography: Piet Rook, Vlaardingen