Neue Vahr

Design for the refurbishment and extension of a post-war apartment estate in Neue Vahr, Bremen, 1st prize limited competition

The project is the result of the win of an ideas competition which was organized by the housing trust GeWoBa under the title Dwelling-on-unusually. HvdH made a design which enhances the decision making process needed to improve an estate of run-up staircase flats in the Neue Vahr district of Bremen.

Re-use tasks tend to easily confuse means and ends. Furthermore, such processes are sensitive to scope-creep, to the slow expansion of the task until it becomes unfeasible and incurs in disappointment. That is why a proper task definition is crucial. In order to steer that process a simple diagram, showing the relation between measures and objectives, between means and ends.

Diverging adjustments of the surrounding grounds and the facades, as well as new extensions and a strategy to improve the fit-out of the dwellings dynamically match the diverging local needs of GeWoBa and existing occupants. In principle, all these alterations can be implemented independently.

Commission: GeWoBa, Bremen (D), 2013-present