Garden Village Kethel

Refurbishment 241 system built terraced houses, Schiedam
Public housing (70%) & private housing (30%)
Client: Woonplus, Schiedam in cooperation with residents panel
1998 – 2001

The intervenstion focussed on the facade skin. The residents of the estate had successfully adopted their gardens and interiors. The renewal of the estate could refrain from these interventions there. Where possible, the project is restricted to the overcladding of the houses, which enhances the thermal performance and brings the refined original tectonic features into memory.

The renovation of Garden City Kethel has been published in the book ‘Tuindorp Kethel Schiedam, Noddy, Noddier, Noddiest’. The project was finalist in the UN established World Habitat Award in 2006 and exhibited in Suitcase Gallery in Berlin.

Photography: Piet Rook, Vlaardingen