8 June – How do you investigate urban form and teach design in your courses? How do urban studies become a component of design activity? The International Summer School on Urban Morphology (ISSUM) in Rome invited me to present my ideas about the relationship between urban studies and architectural design. These questions are responded to by presenting student works produced amd by a realized projects of my own. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given my fascination for the palazzo typology, the title of my introduction is: The palazzo as a European model for housing.

ISSUM is organized by ISUFitaly association and Kaebup international research group, two scientific organizations having the goal to create a bridge between research on urban form and design practice. ISSUM offers students the opportunity to learn Urban Morphology methods through the teaching of international experts and concretely verify the knowledge learned through the interpretation of the built landscape. The ISSUM goal is to provide a centre of excellence in urban form knowledge through the exchange of students, academic, professionals, in learning, research and design. Through lectures and studio work, discussions, and research activities, participants will explore the urban morphology studies’ role in reading historical and consolidated urban fabrics, introducing them to an evidence-based design.

My contribution will be online and will be streamed on 20 June, 11:10 hrs via this link. Other speakers include Jonathan Sergison and Uwe Schröder.