66 row houses & 10 patio houses, Tilburg
Public & private housing
Client: Tiwos & Wonen Breburg, Tilburg / Jansen De Jong, Son
2007 – 2012

A masterplan by Zwarte Hond mainly prescribes a house-by-house-like of the renewed Groeseind in Tilburg. However HvdH was commissioned to design two consistent ensembles as a contrast. The base for both is the row house as applied earlier in Lakerlopen.

One of the ensembles sits at both sides of an angled street. The houses in the angle and ends diverge form the base type and produce a spatial counterpoints in the street which is otherwise perfectly symmetric.

The second ensemble is a court. On one side are patio houses. These have a bay window-like volumes with sliding doors at their front, making possible to dwell also in the court itself. The bay window motif is repeated in the base types at the other side, resulting in calmness and symmetry in the court. Cubic variants of the base type mark the corners of the court.