HvdHA_spread_diagrams_Brick_Dresses28 December 2015 – The book ‘Brick, an Exacting Material’ edited by Jan Peter Wingender is out.

As visiting professor at the Amsterdam School of Architecture Jan Peter invited me to join his Research Group Material & Design. Jan Peter wanted to understand the use of brick in current construction practice better. Today bricks are not much used anymore as a load bearing structure. One actually sees a brickwork shell which has been attached to the actual edifice by means of secondary steel structures. Jan Peter talks about brick dresses.

Within the research group the reciprocal influence of theory, practice and education was a central theme. The resulting book contains case studies to two of The practice’s designs (the arts centre the Bluecoat in Liverpool and the housing in Langerak). Together with students Jan Peter analysed the relation between load bearing structures, the brickwork façade cladding and the intermediary structures which were needed. My own contribution to the book is a text about the 2½D diagrams which have been on show as free work in Liverpool and Venice.

A handbook, Studio Joost Grootens made the design. Architectura & Natura Press is the publisher.