4 December 2018 – Today, Divisare published a chique box set with six booklets on my work. Five of those present photographs taken by my friend Stefan Müller. The sixth volume Contains a revision of the article ‘The Heroism of Rationalism’ which appeared in 2013 as the postscript to the Rationalist Reader.

Unfortunately, this is the swan song of the Italian website and publisher Divisare. Divisare will close. The website reads: ‘Divisare has been a glorious experiment that for years has given us a lot of satisfaction and that has shown that there is a strong need for alternative ways of communicating quality architecture on the web.’

www.divisare.com is a great website without banners, ads and oblivious information. Its focus is quality photography which is presented in a clear format. I find most of the printed booklets very interesting, adding to the sensual impression of the images.

I just take it as an honour that the box set on my office should be the very last activity of Divisare. It seems that they are breeding out new plans in Rome. I hope these plans succeed.

The box set can be ordered here.