6 May 2015 – I have just presented the preliminary design of the housing at Churchillpark in Leiden to the Design Review Committee. The project will consist of 99 dwellings with a mix of rental apartments and houses for sale. The project has four different blocks. A compact patio block in five storeys marks the corner of the new living quarter. Three other volumes, varying in height from three to eight storeys make up a compiled block between the actual Churchillpark and Churchilllaan.

The architecture departs from an idea of ‘generality’. No explicit signature is applied to the estate. Forms and materials fit into a common architectural palette which is so characteristic for the historic city of Leiden. This means that I have worked with vertical dimensions, solid and massive shaping of the volumes and beige-brown materials [site drawing Churchillpark].

The committee approved the project. The design work has progressed to scheme design in BIM.