Churchillpark is a new neighbourhood replacing the sports campus Noordelijke Sportvelden in the city of Leiden. Of old, the sports campus had a rather isolated position against the surrounding neighbourhoods. This is one of the explanations for the relatively autonomous development of the neighbourhood and its name: Churchillpark. Churchillpark is fully surrounded by canals. All dwellings sit either at waterways or a centrally located park. HvdH made the design for the dwellings and parking facilities at the western edge. Four blocks establish a long ensemble separating the neighbourhood park and busy Churchilllaan.

The entries to the houses and the apartments are marked by recessed facades and arched doors. The balconies of the apartments sit at the corners of the point blocks. The balconies of the apartments are shaped as glazed outdoor rooms at the corners of the point blocks. The living spaces curl around this room. Residents can regulate the climate and sound level by using folding panels.

The architecture abandons a strong personal signature and obvious references to the surrounding buildings. For that, the site has a much too autonomous position within Leiden – and the surrounding building is too divers. However, Churchillpark is a prominent site near a major traffic artery toward the monumental city center nearby. This siting justifies the idea that materials, proportions, colours and volume do not follow local rules, but opens up to obvious, common qualities of the historic urban architecture of the established Dutch town. The design is based on a notion of generality. The buildings are cladded with brownish yellow bricks and are supplied with vertical windows in subdued colours. The design of the smaller and larger windows stems from the same architectural repertoire of means and results in a differentiated, yet consistent ensemble.

The project has been published by Modulør and Divisare.

Client: Amvest, Amsterdam 2014-2018

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