The Carpenter’s Eye

A monthly column about architecture on the website of Architectenweb

The editors of Architectenweb invited HvdH to write a monthly column for their website. Over a period of three years, these appeared under the title The Carpenter’s Eye. In the Dutch language it stands for the ability of craftsmen to measure their work on the eye, for the absolute of size and proportion which is necessary in my profession, just like an absolute pitch is useful for a musician. HvdH approaches the international current states of affairs in architecture from everyday design practice.


1 Bajespuin

2 Stadsbank

3 Arch-i-Varis

4 Gelegenheidswerk

5 Zivilarchitektur

6 Analogen

7 Proeftuin N

8 Burgerwezen

9 Wonen

10 Geloof

11 Niet-stad

12 Vakmanschap

13 Brexit

14 Acceptatie

15 Deur

16 Paardenmiddel 

17 Groot 

18 Moveable Feast 

19 Interieur 

20 Castex

21 Boijmans

22 Construeren

23 Pathos

24 Plasticsoep

25 Onheil

26 Vak

27 Mies

28 Folklore

29 Zelfdoen

30 Middenrif