20 September 2023 – In the spring of 2021, Lloyd Marcus Andresen, founder of the unsurpassed architecture website Divisare, passed away. Divisare operates without ads. Its emphasis is on showing solid, rational buildings. Lloyd had additionally devised a production and mailing system through which he issued printed matter. These were small booklets with hard covers containing only photographs or only text.

After Lloyd asked me for photos for his website in the years before his death, plans for printed matter arose. So it happened that Divisare issued a cassette containing five project booklets with a text booklet, and he included drawings of the social housing on Persoonshaven in a cassette with housing designs by Monadnock and Giorgio Grassi, among others. Slowly a professional and personal friendship developed.

We made new plans. In early 2021, the translation of a selection of my Carpenter’s Eye columns for Architectenweb was ready for printing. They would come in a small booklet. The Scottish architect-critic Charles Rattray, who meanwhile also passed away, had edited the texts for an international audience. Lloyd’s death forced Divisare to rethink the strategy and it never came to publication. Two and a half years later, I decided to make the print-ready pdf available digitally. For Lloyd, for Charles.

Download The Eye of the Carpenter