C-mine Ateliers

Arts centre, Genk, B
1670 m2
Invited limited competition, client: Genk City Council, B
Co-architect: Geurst & Schulze, Den Haag
2019 – 2020

The buildings of C-mine have recently been transformed for a diversity of art institutions. New dwellings have been built on the C-mine site as well. The task was to make an urban design for the entire site and to design a building for the production, curating and exhibition of art works.

The new art building will be used by two different organisations looking for further cooperation: CIAP Kunstverein and FLACC. The programme is organized in five parallel zones. The central zone accommodates the reception hall which can be linked to the exhibition space and the offices. The workspaces are located in the outer zones. The service zones sit in between. All spaces are flexibel in use and may be simply be changed. On the roof is an apartment for artists-in-residence.

Also because of budgetary reasons the building is robust and simple. We proposed to develop the finishing of the building in coproduction with artists, CIAP and FLACC.

The design for C-mine was made with Geurst en Schulze Architecten.