15 July 2019 – We received the second prize in the design competition for C-mine in Genk, Belgium. The buildings of this former coalmine have recently been transformed for a diversity of art institutions. New dwellings have been built on the C-mine site as well. The task was to make an urban design for the entire site and to design a building for the production, curating and exhibition of art works.

By following the long lines of the railway tracks of C-mine in the urban plan, a self-evident relationship between the new and the old buildings was possible. Point of departure was a green domestic landscape in which the former heathers are recognisable. Wadies and pine trees add to a nature inclusive neighbourhood. We proposed freestanding volumes for the dwellings, making use of the investment capacity of individuals or small living collectives.

The new art building will be used by two different organisations looking for further cooperation: CIAP Kunstverein and FLACC. The programme is organized around a double high hall. At the ends the lift, stairs and toilets and galleries are located. The spaces at the long sides are flexible and can be subdivided and changed to demand. Also because of budgetary reasons the building is robust and simple. We proposed to develop the finishing of the building in coproduction with artists, CIAP and FLACC.

The design for C-mine was made with Geurst en Schulze Architecten. We were selected from 22 applications to make a design. We wish 51N4E success with the further development of their scheme.