Binsey Walk

New housing Southmere Village site, London, UK
Public & private sector
Opdracht: Peobody, London, UK
Co-architect: Smith & Taylor, London, UK


One of the first estates of 150-year-old Peabody is Blackfriars Estate. Its architect, Henry Darbishire, designed the estate by using modules of efficient housing. The houses form clear enclosed urban spaces. Facades are brick. Colours are quiet and nuanced. The design for Binsey Walk investigates something similar.

The courts have gates towards Binsey Walk, but the buildings act as their own noise shield. Balconies will line the courts. The space along the lake is landsĀ­caped as a quay, much like the great example in Victoria, with low brick walls to the water, forming benches and bases for lampposts. Three courts will have small point blocks accentuating the axis of the courts.

The two architects offices work closely together, not only using the grid of the underĀ­ground parking, but also by sharing types, access solutions and details where possible. The signature of the two practices ensures a natural king of variety.

The urban design was made with Smith & Taylor Architects.