18 March 2020 – The design with which we earned our place on the ADUP shortlist, the typological study to the renewal of Old Kent Road in London, was published in the book La città, progetti urbani. Karin Templin, co-author of the project, describes the study in the framework of the so-called Productive City. One of the spearheads of the London Productive City policy is to bring together in a single building different use. The objective of this combination is to increase the amount of dwellings that can be built in the current housing crisis.

Karin Templin demonstrates how the London mansion at various scale levels may contribute to the Productive City.

Karin Templin, Architectettura della strada nella città produttiva / Street Architecture in the Productive City, in: Cinzia Simioni, Alessandro Tognon, La città, progetti urbani / The city, Urban Design, Aión Edizioni, Florence, p. 148