6 February 2018 – Street Architecture is published.

After three and a half years of hard work in my own office, a new portfolio appears and with it, a new monograph. Karin Templin, a London and Florence based expert in housing and urban design, has produced a monograph on my residential work. Totally unexpected to me, she relates my work to the architecture of one of her hometowns: Florence, Italy. Karin asserts that an urban approach where the domestic building is conceived not only for the people living in it, but also for the citizens and their visitors, as exemplified in Florence from the 15th century onwards, is still valid today. 

With an introduction by the German architect Hans Kollhoff. Primary photography by Stefan Müller with additional photos by Karin Templin, graphic design by Haller Brun, and beautiful printing by Rob Stolk.





Karin Templin, Street Architecture – Work by Hans van der Heijden
ISBN 9789082808209
128 pages, illustrations in colour and black and white, 21 x 30 cm, English, € 39

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