HvdHA_Redactie_Jaarboek_i_actie12 April 2016 – The Yearbook Architecture in the Netherlands 2015-2016, which I am an editor of, is finished. This year again I have studied hundreds of designs and visited some 70 of them together with my colleagues Kirsten Hannema, Tom Avermaete and Edwin Oostmeijer. Our discussions en route were animated. We selected 30 buildings that are representative for current Dutch architecture. This year there is special attention to what I call the Shadow Canon of architecture, for buildings that have not received a major place in history, but are important and interesting nevertheless. Kirsten wrote a beautiful essay ‘Out of the Shadow’. New names have entered the playing field and they are not always that satisfied with the hypes of the moment and are very conscious of this Shadow Canon.

The book will be presented on 19 April in Fort Vechten.