Langerak Fields 9 & 11

240 apartements & parking, Utrecht
Private & public housing
Client: Mitros, Utrecht
2004 – 2009

‘Despite the references to the suburban context these buidings remain urban in character. The facades line imaginary street, streets that are lacking in Vinex-districts. As a result, the project is somewhat at odds with its context, but can also be regarded as subtle critique of the city that is dissolving towards its fringes.’ Michiel van Raaij in Architectenweb Magazine

In the Utrecht city extension area Leidsche Rijn HvdH completed two blocks with 240 units of low-cost housing. All dwellings minimally have one parking space in an underground car parking. Higher volumes mark the ends of each block. The facades are finished with bronze coloured aluminium window frames and sand coloured brick work with darker bricks marking the entrances, the plinth and the floor levels.



Analysis drawing Brick Dresses