Klaprozenbuurt E

131 apartements, work space with parking garage, N Amsterdam
Social & commercial rental sector
Commission: Mega Real Estate & Invest, Emmeloord
2023 – 2026

The Klaprozenbuurt district in North Amsterdam is being redeveloped on a plot by plot basis. Low-density commercial buildings will make way for a mixed program of living and working. In this design, five lots in a block have been developed as one single project. Each lot has its own architectural image.

The southernmost lot has a care program in the social rental sector. On the first floor are common areas and a walk-through that leads from the street to an elevator and bicycle storage and from there to a courtyard in the rear yard.

The buildings on the four northern lots are arranged around a shared bicycle and car parking area and are connected two-by-two to an entrance hall with elevators and stairwells.