19 June 2019 – The start on site of the Three Horseshoes (De Drie Hoefijzers in Breda) development has passed. AM commissioned Bert Dirrix to make an urban plan with an alternation of houses and short terraces which have been subsequently designed by different architects. Our contribution consists of 18 dwellings in three types: pitched roofed terraced blocks at the south edge, wide houses in three stories and duplexes at the north edge.

We proposed poignant brick architecture. The entrances to the duplexes have staggered brickwork forming bay window-like shapes towards the street. The upper dwellings have a small balcony on top of that bay window and a spacious roof terrace at the rear. Garden walls and brick sheds separate the rear gardens of the lower dwellings from the pedestrian route along the corner of the block. Prefabricated concrete gargoyles mark the cornice.