Grauwaart Avenue

115 maisonnettes, apartements, group dwelling, parking & public space, Utrecht
Public housing
Client: Bo-Ex, Utrecht
Co-architect: Korth Tielens, Amsterdam
2007 – 2012

In cooperation with Franz Ziegler, HvdH designed three housing projects for the Grauwaart district within Leidsche Rijn nearby Utrecht. One of those projects is an apartment building within a closed perimeter n;pcl.

The block was developed together with Korth Tielens under the supervision of HvdH. Two storey ground floor maisonettes sit a the avenue. Above those runs an interior galleria serving a mix of flats and maisonettes. Both corners are constituted by flats. A gate in the centre of the block allows access to the inner court. The landscape design was part of the commission.

The entrance and lift lobbies are finished with grey panels. The timber of the door frames is just supplied with oil, which results in a high quality, but also low-maintenance and robust interior.