Frampton Park

26 July 2018 – Back in the UK. New commission in London Hackney, looking at Hidden Homes, amongst other things. Together with East I am working on a new housing design in London Hackney. Part of the task at Frampton Park is to look at possibilities to supply an estate of post-war flats with so-called Hidden Homes, new dwellings underneath the existing ones. The Knikkers project in Rotterdam Ommoord was a reference. One of the rules of the game is that no green space may be sacrificed in Frampton Park. Yesterday, in a tropical London, we had a good open discussion with the client and people of Hackney and tested our first ideas.

The photo shows that the East colleagues Judith Lösing, Oren Ezuz and Nik Klahre decidedly approach the estate.

More news to follow after summer.