Office, Amsterdam
Client: A-COUNTANTS, Amsterdam

HvdHA will be converting the ground floor of a housing block in the Amsterdam-N post-industrial district Buiksloterham into a new work space forĀ  A-COUNTANTS. It will be a light and sustainable work space on the corner of the existing building. The space will subdived in rooms which can be interconnected via double doors that can be fully opened. The walls will be lined with Ecoplex poplar panels which follow the grid of glass facade. Additionally, the walls will have circular acoustic panels in contrast colours.

Entering the vesitbule an A-shaped window allows a view into the meeting room. Double doors give way to the large room with workspaces at the corner of the building. That space has been designed as one single entity, where cupboards and walls establish a continuous lining. The meeting room is related to the work spaces. It is a space for quick meetings or for receiving clients. Service spaces, which include a toilet, a kitchenette and a plant room, are compactly designed and almost unnoticably tucked away in the corner of the office.