By HvdH

The Carpenter’s Eye

Monthly columns for Architectenweb (Dutch only). 1 Jail Rubbish 2 City Bench 3 Arch-i-Vist 4 Occasional Piece 5 Zivilarchitektur 6 Analogen 7 Testing Ground N 8 Orphans 9 Dwelling 10 Faith 11 Non-city 12 Craftmanship 13 Brexit 14 Acceptance 15 Door 16 Medicine 17 Big 18 Moveable Feast 19 Interior 20 Castex 21 Boijmans


Looking at Boijmans

Video recording of a presentation about Museum Boijmans (Dutch only).


That Other Analogue City

HvdH’s Dutch translation of Miroslav Sik’s essayl Jene Analoge Stadt, read at the award ceremony of the Geert Bekaert Award for architecture criticism. Listen to the podcast.


On Luxury

Lecture on the 10th CANactions Architecture Festival in Kiev with the theme Values.



Pragmatic Geometry

Design analysis of Giovanni Muzio’s Sant Angelo Convent in Milan, written together with Joost Hovenier.

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The Pain Threshold of Architecture

Review of a monograph on the German architects Hans Kollhoff and Helga Timmermann. The text appeared in Dutch in De Architect [October 2016].

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Commissioned b y AIR Rotterdam in 2009-2010 HvdH organized a series of nine debates under the name ArchtectuurCases. For each debate he wrote a programmatic text.

1 Nederland bouwt in baksteen

2 Exotische bronnen

3 Pluk de Petteflet

4 Kant’lend in het tegenlicht

5 Europa aan de Maas

6 Geprefabriceerde ornamentiek

7 Rotterdam en de kunst van het motoronderhoud

8 Onderzoek, ontwerp en stad

9 Het laboratorium voorbij

[Dutch only]


W.M. Dudok and the Urban Image of the Hague

The student’s thesis by Theo van de Beek en HvdH investigating the urban design of W.M. Dudok in the Hague was published in the first issue of the magazine O [now named Oase]. It was one of the early studies to the design principles of the post war city. Dudok’s work is an exception to the rule: his housing districts were not conceived as satellite cities, but are firmly connected to the historic centre.

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Tony Fretton’s Norms

Review of three Amsterdam housing projects designed by the English architect Tony Fretton.

Read website Architecture Today


Catch and Steer

Research paper of an investigation to the design methods of the architect’s practice East in London. Including a design research to Tarwewijk in Rotterdam undertaken by HvdH together with Julian Lewis of East.

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Against Optimism

An essay in the literary magazine the Reader on the house that the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein designed for his sister. The house roots in a tragic family tradition.

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Towards a Critique of Change

Lecture at the Technical University Delft on the architectural history of the last 25 years and the current state of affairs.

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Layer on Layer

An account of the refurbishment of a housing estate designed by Carel Weeber in the 1980’s. A strategy of adding has been applied. New materials and details accept the existing architecture, and introduce new motifs at the same time. This was one of the first projects of HvdH in his biq period.

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Diagram of the House

An explanatory text on HvdH’s own designs. It is about the search for type, structure, proportions and materials. A strong diagram describing such stabile and prime characteristics of a building allows design to become independent from fashionable additions and make it possible to design beyond the illusions of the present day.

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Context of Tradition

An introduction to the work of the Czech-Swiss architect Miroslav Sik in the magazine Oase.

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Alternatives to Medical and Social Care in the City

Special issue of the magazine Layout with a report of a design research to the possibilities to adept post-war real estate for modern medical and social care concepts.

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Real, Solid and Urban

Presentation of housing project by Joost Kühne, office winhov and own projects. The three offices make houses that just look like houses. Urbanity is key.

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Presentation Yearbook

At the presentation of the new Architecture Yearbook HvdH talked about the findings of the editorial team. An abridged version of the lecture was published by Architecture Today.

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Architektur und Ort

Key note address Congres at Rheinterrasse, Düsseldorf.

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Call and Response

Lecture on the e-X-tenstion congress in Halle, Germany, on modern museum design. The contextual approach of the restoration and the extension of the Bluecoat was explained by referring to the music of the new wave band Talking Heads.

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Kosten billiger Wohnungsbaus

Lecture on costs and proftis in social house building on the Construction Trade Fair in Münster, Germany.

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