Project books



Werkbundstadt, Berlin [D]

Thoughts on model housing.

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Diagrams of the House

A catalogue of designs for the house, drawn in plans, sections and elevations.

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Het Napolitaanse Palazzo

Analysis of the Naepolitan palazzo and designs by students of Rotterdam Rotterdam Academie van Bouwkunst.

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The Florentine Palazzo

Analysis of the Florentine palazzo and designs by students of Rotterdam Academie van Bouwkunst and Universität Liechtenstein, Vaduz.

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Weigeliaplein, The Hague

Design study to new buildings in the The Hague Heesterbuurt district.

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Frampton Park, London

Design study to hidden homes and new dwellings in Hackney.

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Persoonshaven, Rotterdam

Urban renewal in Rotterdam Feijenoord.

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Glaudé Panden, Groningen

Critical restoration of monumental villas and former Tea Cupola.

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Kloosterbuuren, the Hague

Urban design around a former convent.

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Churchillpark, Leiden

New build estate with apartments and town houses.

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Neue Vahr, Bremen [D]

Winning competition entry ‘Ungewöhnlich Weiter Wohnen’.

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Oranjeboomstraat, Rotterdam

Houses with two doors in two urban blocks.

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Hessenberg, Nijmegen

Four urban blocks in the oldest city of the Netherlands.

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Drents Dorp, Eindhoven

Low-cost terraced housing in pre-war garden village.

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Willem van Noortlaan, Eindhoven

Low-cost student accommodation.

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Green Lane Triangle, Birkenhead [UK]

Urban Block with terraces on a sloping site.

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Grauwaart, Utrecht

Closed perimeter Block with apartments and maisonettes in suburb.

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Grienden, Puttershoek

Urban villas with flexible plans and medical centre.

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Knikkers, Rotterdam

Renovation of four splayed apartment blocks in Ommoord.

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Lakerlopen, Eindhoven

Urban renewal of garden village.

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Langerak, Utrecht

Two low-cost apartment buildings with parking garages in city extension.

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Morgenzonlaan, The Hague

Urban renewal with terraced housing, point block and a shop in Transvaal.

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Tweebaksmarkt, Leeuwarden

Urban study and public space design for historic city.

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Vaartweg, Hilversum

Small project with houses around a court.

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Ypenburg Court, the Hague

Court housing and an apartment building with parking garage at a canal.

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