Sustainable Urbanism

Sustainable urban design has to be imaginable and pragmatic. Hans van der Heijden works within the tradition of architecture. He designs solid buildings which are



(Für Deutsch, clicke Sie auf diesen Link) Hans van der Heijden (the Hague, NL, 1963) has a portfolio of housing, urban design, re-use, cultural buildings


About HvdH

NRC In his end-of-year-list of 2020 in NRC Handelsblad, the architecture critic Bernard Hulsman named the housing at Persoonshaven as the most important architecture of

Prijzen voor Hans van der Heijden


Special Mention Award Fritz Höger Preis, Kloosterbuuren, 2020 Nomination Fritz Höger Preis, Persoonshaven, 2020 Nomination Architect of the Year 2020 Nomination Geert Bekaert Award for



‘La Città. Progetti Urbani’, Di Architettura, Padua (Italy), 2018 ‘Best Designed Books 2019’, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL) ‘Alternative Histories’, London (UK), Brussels (Belgium) and Dublin