Opulence and delight are experiences which may be evoked by architecture and urban design. That is a manifestation of luxury. Luxury in the sense of excess or extravagance is not of our age.


To strive for sustainablity has become common sense. Sustainablity in architecture goes beyond what regulations require and what construction technology offers. There exists something like an aesthetic sustainability, a sense of beauty beyond the fashion of the day. HvdH designs >>>

Negotiation Game

The meaning of the context of a building is not just reserved to the site it sits on. There is also a social, financial and political context. Building in the city includes negotiation with people and operating within a complex >>>


Tradition means: the old habits of large groups of people. Modern urban design cannot be separated from such habits. HvdH searches for a relation between the traditions of building and dwelling and current urban design. That is not about a >>>


Building is pleasure. Design is little else than to help and prepare a building site and the construction logistics, the choosing of materials and to contribute to the buildability and soundness of structures. HvdH approaches technology with enthusiasm and creativity.


HvdH designs within networks. Today, design teams lack hierarchy. It is all about the efficient organisation of the contributions of different experts. The office of HvdH is compact and effective.